Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Hello everyone yesterday’s New Moon in Pisces was the prefect card to lead into our card for today the Balsamic Moon. This moon phase is about releasing the past so we have room for the future. They won’t work together no matter how hard we try. We know that because we’ve all hung onto friendships, jobs, beliefs and negative situations that didn’t fit anymore.

It’s can be more painful hanging on than just accepting and letting go. The past in what ever form is not who we are. It made us to who we are right now but we are not our past. We are not the wrong turns, the stupid choices, or the limiting beliefs about who we are and what we’re capable of.

We’re a work in progress. Things are getting ready to move for us so today is for being grateful for those times and then letting them go.

Have a good one, BJ

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