Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Hello we are taking a little step back today with New Moon in Pisces. We know that new moons mean new beginnings but Pisces is the last sign in the astrology chart so there is a mix of energy playing out today. On the one hand we have a New Moon card and we could have some kind of opportunity show up and that’s cool. On the other, Pisces might be a double edged sword for us and could be a problem.

Being the last house we could be facing an ending of some kind but, endings are also beginnings! Sometimes we have to let the old drop away so there is room for the new. The problem is that Pisces is all emotion so no amount of trying to be rational is going to help here. Our best bet is to take step back and listen to our intuition and our heart. What is most important right here and now? Take that, go with it and leave the rest behind.

Have a good one, BJ

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