Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Here we are midweek again. I trust the previous days have been helpful for you. If you remember I am using the Mystical Journey Oracle by Tennessee Charpentier. I highly recommend picking up a deck, you will not be disappointed.

Being Bound came for the collective and asks us what thoughts, beliefs or opinions are keeping us a prisoner in our own minds. Some deep soul searching can help. Why do we hold onto negative thinking, shame, blame, guilt or opinions of people who don’t matter to us? Is it because we are afraid of change?

Another way to keep ourselves bound is holding onto jealousy or grudges. It does not do any good to be jealous of someones accomplishments or the things they may have. Let it go, it’s holding you back not them. Seek out new adventures, release the bonds and be happy.

Be blessed, Terry

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