Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning here we are at the final day of this weeks Tarot Story. I hope you have enjoyed the affirmations from Marigold Mornings. The flow of the affirmations has been amazing, I hope they have helped you discover more about yourself and have grown from it.

The final affirmation for our week is I view the world with Childlike Wonderment. As I mentioned earlier this week, life is an ongoing process of learning to let go of those things which no longer serve our highest purpose or the person we are becoming. I say ongoing because we have lifetimes worth of stuff to work through and each layer we clear brings us that much closer to our destination.

As we clear and reframe the way we think using affirmations we see the world with a fresh pair of eyes. What we see is a world of possibility, a magickal place that has always been there. We were just too busy and closed off to see it.

Seeing the world through childlike eyes opens us to a level of joy and creativity we probably haven’t experienced since we were kids. Try it today, you’ll love it!

Have a fantastic day!
Blessed Be

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