Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning, how is everyone doing? Our cards this week have been following the process of opening ourselves to growth. The affirmation we have for today is I am in sync with my higher self and brings us a little further along that path.

What exactly is the Higher Self and why get in sync with it? Without looking it up and reg outurgitating what other people think it and its benefits are I’ll give you my himble explanation. For me the Higher Self is our connection to the Divine. In that connection we are able to understand a larger perspective of life and it’s ups and downs. We are more able to love unconditonally and live from a place that is not fear or ego based. We are better able to connect to our intuition and guidance and are the best versions of ourselves.

This is Earth School though and life happens so maintaining that connection to our Higher Selves can be a challenge. Our affirmation encourages us to do the work to stay connected. The more we heal and release what is no longer needed or wanted in our lives the more in tune we grow with who we are working to become.

Have a lovely day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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