Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. The affirmation we’re starting the work week off with is I am receptive to spiritual guidance & synchronicities. This is good on two levels. On one level the more negativity we can work through and release, the more open we become to guidance and synchronicity in our lives. It’s just easier because we aren’t weighed down by all that kept us prisoner to beliefs and thoughts that limited our life view.

Second it lets us know to be open to possibility as the week begins and progresses. Who knows what kind of amazingness might be waiting for us. Stay open and watch for guidance and those moments of synchronicity then act on them!

Have a beautiful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

8 thoughts on “Weekly Tarot Story

  1. Well shared! Wishing you a beautiful week।👍😊


    1. Thank you ❤ You have a fabulous one as well.


      1. It’s my pleasure stay blessed ❣️💕


  2. What are a few of your favorite tarot cards?


    1. Do you mean favorite decks or specific cards? Every card has it’s story to tell but to pick a favorite I’d say one of my favorites is the Empress. She is my life path card.

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      1. For Oracle Decks my Favorite goto is Denise Linn decks Sacred Traveler is awesome but for traditional Tarot I have to say the Waite Smith deck, although the Golden Art Nouveau is a gorgeous version of the Waite Smith. I also really like MJ Cullinanes decks. I have a thing about crows and her Crow Tarot is really lovely.

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      2. Thanks for sharing. 🙏🏼


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