Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning everyone, it’s Sunday July 17 and the beginning of another Weekly Tarot Story. I am not using one of my Tarot or Oracle decks this week. I decided to use my Marigold Mornings Affirmation deck. I LOVE this deck; you can tell a lot of love and thought went into the creation of the gorgeous hand painted images and the choice of card stock.

I use my deck everyday for myself and clients for whom I do daily readings and found the affirmations to be incredibly intuitive. The deck was created by the very talented Angela from @marigold_mornings on Instagram but she also has an Etsy and Facebook. Lets see what affirmation is starting our week off.

Our first card for the collective is, I release negative feelings & thoughts about myself. People can be pretty unkind to one another but no one is more unkind than we can be to ourselves. No one can make us feel less than, incapable or unattractive without first giving them permission. Once given we reduce ourselves to an open wound trapped in a prison of negative thoughts and beliefs that we allowed to be heaped upon us.

We need to stop that craziness because it couldn’t be any further from the truth honey! Everyone is a work in progress. Sure some people might be further along their path than we are on ours but that doesn’t mean we are less than in any way. Besides everyones path is different so there is no room for comparison.

Be kind to yourselves this week and let all those negative ideas about yourself go. It isn’t a once and done thing. Keeping ourselves free of negative thoughts and beliefs is a daily process. Keep reminding yourself of the truth and that is you are amazing, you are beautiful, you are capable, talented and there is no one like you. So do you!

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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