Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Hey everyone, we’re at the halfway point and the card we have for the collective from the Grimalkins Curious Cats Tarot by MJ Cullinane is The Tower. When I was learning to read one of the things Sharon Taught me was that there are no bad cards. There are several cards that scare people and this is one of them but it isn’t a bad card. It’s also interesting because the Tower is one of the cards that have the same meaning upright and reversed. The difference is in the intensity of it’s effect on our lives.

We are going to have to be prepared today when The Tower arrives it brings dramatic, unexpected, and potentially life altering change. Although if we are totally honest with ourselves we might admit we saw the red flags and didn’t respond to them for whatever reason. We are going to have to deal with them today or in the next few days.

We can’t assume this is a bad thing. The Tower breaks away beliefs, thought patterns and habits that we recognize aren’t good for us or helping us in any way. This could be personal or professional and be any kind of belief system relating to them. Something is going to change for sure but our best bet is to accept it, deal with it and keep going.

Have a good one, BJ

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