Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Hello everyone, BJ here back as guest reader for this weeks Tarot Story. I am using another MJ Cullinane deck, her Grimalkins Curious Cats Tarot. I like cats and this is a cool deck. So lets see what the week has in store.

Beginning our Tarot Story is the Knight of Cups reversed. In this position we might need a relationship reality check in some part of our lives. When upright the Knight of Cups can mean being a romantic or a dreamer. There isn’t anything wrong with that unless we are not being realistic about facts or intentions.

Paying attention to our intuition can help us find what we need to be giving more attention to. Is someone being unreliable? Have promises been made that were never actually delivered on? Are lies being told to keep us or someone else out of the loop? Is someone trying to manipulate a situation?

It might be time to set better boundaries and cut some ties.

Not the most pleasant card to begin our week but in the long run it’s better to know and do something about it than find out later when it’s too late.

And yea I took the picture wrong way up!
Have a good one, BJ

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