What If…

I’ve been giving this question a lot of thought the last few days. I woke up with a voice asking me this question a few days ago and my Guardian and Guides are making sure it stays in the fore front of my mind. They have been telling me to start the “What if” series again, so I thought this would be a perfect place to begin.

For me showing up for myself has always been a struggle. Part of my problem is I have no boundaries in place. Oh, I try to set them but if someone needs my help I will put aside what I’m doing no matter how important it is to me and go help whoever do whatever. Why though; I know I’m not the only one who does this so why do we do it?

Now I am no expert but I have a couple thoughts as to why. The first is society. It is real easy to lose yourself in the fast pace of life and the mass of things that need to get done on any given day. Between our jobs, spouses, kids and their schedules, aging parents, friends, keeping the house, and doctors appointments. It’s a wonder we have time to sleep much less consider what is important to us.

Another aspect of society is the imprinting we get from family and friends while growing up. If we grow up hearing you can’t, you’ll never, you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, things like that don’t happen to people like us, life is hard, and on and on.

All of that horrible negative energy turns into the other reason, fear. Fear of failure stops us cold. So can fear of what people might think or say. That can crush our self esteem an personal confidence to the point that we doubt even having a right to follow our dreams, so why try? We can’t succeed anyway after all we aren’t enough.

Thoughts like that weigh heavily on a soul causing all kinds of heartache. They cause us to settle for less that we want for our lives. If we don’t get a handle on it and make the changes necessary we can become a dark, angry, bitter, vengeful person nobody wants to be around. Or we might withdraw and not find any real joy or happiness in anything.

That isn’t the kind of life I want how about you? How does one give themselves permission to matter without feeling selfish. Let’s be real there is likely to be push-back from people that won’t like your personal growth and new perspective on life. The word selfish may very well be tossed around.

For me this is the announcement that I matter to me now and changes are going to be made! Realistically a private conversation with those close to you letting them know you need more me time is a good place to start. Baby steps, grand leaps don’t need to happen right away. Start with a few hours on a weekend. Whether it’s a nice long hot bath, a drive in the country, a yoga class or a walk in the woods. This is the point where I am starting. Time alone for self love, self care and to reflect on what my future looks like and how I’m going to get there.

What if you showed up for yourself?

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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