Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Good morning everyone. We made it to the final day of our Weekly Tarot Story. It’s been an interesting and enlightening story told by Yasmin Bolands Moonology Oracle. Our final card is Full Moon Eclipse. This is an excellent card as it ties the week together very well.

Full Moon Eclipse talks to us about endings being near. Before we go into panic mode and visualize our lives falling apart, stop and breathe. The ending our card speaks about might very well be the conclusion to an ongoing problem. A relationship getting back on track after a good honest heart to heart conversation or even finding a better job so we can leave the one we currently have but don’t enjoy.

With each of these examples we are leaving something behind and that is what a conclusion is. Letting go of one thing so there is room for another, better thing. The reality is not everything is meant to last. Not everything is under our control, doors close, people sometimes leave. Sure it hurts but if we forgive as the situation plays out and the door closes, we are one step closer to healing and moving on.

Have a lovely day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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