Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good morning how is everybody on this lovely Monday? Awesome, Fantastic, Amazing. How about Unstoppable? The card for the collective is the North Node. This is a card that lights a fire and asks you to step out of your comfort zone because its time to get going.

The problem is moving outside the boundaries of what we know and are comfortable with can be a big scary thing. There are many “What Ifs” involved. What if I fail? What if I”m not good enough? What if people laugh at me? Sometimes the thought of success is even scarier because our expectations and those of others to maintain or exceed that success is introduced to the mix.

It’s important to remember nothing thrives in a comfort zone. Nothing grows, nothing changes, it is days, weeks and years of sameness. Life is about risk. Some are big and others aren’t but to dream and do nothing gives you a life full of wondering what might of happened if we tried. Of course the possibility of failure exists just don’t give up. We learned what didn’t work and that is a success in itself.

So pulling from yesterday; communicate your desire to step out and take a chance on yourself. Face the fears down and try. Do the things that scares you. Be courageous and follow your heart.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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