Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Hello we have something different today. The card for the collective is Temperance reversed. For me this is one of the few cards whose meaning is the same upright and reversed, the difference is in degrees.

This is an important card in our Tarot Story for the week because our cards, until now, have been encouraging action in one way or another. Now today we have Temperance reversed. Our card is about moderation, patience, integrating ideas and finding a place of balance. Being reversed tells us we need to slow down a little and rethink some things.

While we’re doing that it’s a good idea to not take any kind of action, wait. Hold off on decisions until we have a good grasp of what is going on, what we want and why. A fresh perspective would really come in handy. Are we focused on the right things? Is there too much going on right now to give this current idea or project the attention it deserves? What are our thoughts about the situation? We have some thinking to do.

Have a good one, BJ

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