Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Hey howyadoin? The card starting off the work week for the collective is a good one, the Four of Wands. Because I spend a good deal of time hanging with my friend Sharon I know that in Numerology the four is about foundations, organization and security. In the Tarot this card talks to us about celebration, commitment and taking risks. I know people don’t see taking risks as being associated with this card but getting to a place of security means taking a risk or two doesn’t it? Without a risk there is nothing to celebrate.

Look at the four wands. They are firmly in the ground so that tells us if we can get our focus off the past and take a good look at where we are now in our current situations we might be in a better position for success than we thought. Let yourself feel how good it feels then lean into it. We’ve done the planning and the work now we have to let go of any negative thoughts and see what happens.

Stay open to new ideas and opportunities. There is a good chance someone we meet could be of help down the road.

Have a good one, BJ

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