Crystal Thursday – Nuumite

Good morning crystal lovers we are back with another amazing gift of nature this week and we are discussing Nuumite. The original post went up back on March 2, 2018. With it’s age estimated to be 3 Billion years old, Nuumite is thought to be the oldest mineral on the planet. It’s also one of the rarest as it is only found in the Nuuk region of Greenland. It was discovered in 1810 by a man of many names and interests K.L. Giesecke. He was born Johann Georg Metzler but he had issues with his ancestry which he refused to discuss so with every career change, a name change went along with it. Giesecke attended university studying law and Mineralogy but left to join a traveling acting group. After a few years he left the troupe to study minerals. This decision lead him to much acclaim.

Nuumite is black, opaque and has flecks of color in it. For the most part I’ve only seen gold and gray but from my research I’ve read other colors such as yellow, green, blue, and purple flecks of color can be found. I’d love to see them! The Mohs scale is a moderate 5.5 to 6.

The energy is very high and resonates well with the Root, Solar Plexus and Third Eye Chakras. You notice its power from the moment you pick it up. The first time I picked it up in the shop I felt a wave of energy blast through me from my feet up to my Crown and back down again. It made my head spin so much I had to grab onto something to keep from falling over.

Once your energy syncs up with Nuumite it will move you and your spiritual growth forward very quickly by removing energy blocks. Nuumite empowers you to hold your boundaries and stand in your strengths. It increases your ability to see moments of synchronicity in your life which enable you grab opportunities you may otherwise have missed.

Let’s take a look at a few other characteristics Nuumite has to offer:

  • Nuumite awakens your inner magick.
  • It helps you do deep emotional work to clear fears, quilt, shame and other deeply hidden negative emotions.
  • It opens and clear the chakras.
  • Clears the and aligns aura.
  • It increases your energy level. It seriously does, if your tired hold a piece to your third eye and a wave of energy will wash over you.
  • Helps you sleep and have amazing dreams.

The following list of characteristics are associated with Nuumite but I have not been able to verify their accuracy.

  • Said to help fight infections.
  • Said to improve kidney function.
  • Said to improve eyesight.
  • Said to regenerate tissue.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Nuumite. If the qualities of this stone resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing healing qualities of this stone or any crystal or mineral is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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