Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good morning, it is Monday and the work week is beginning with Temperance from the Major Arcana and it is the first of our four gray sky cards. I’ve been reading and studying different aspects of tarot for almost 30 years and only recently begun give special attention and dive deeper into sky meanings. Gray offers a feeling of calm. It’s neutral neither hot nor cold. It can also be the calm before a storm or after one has blown through your life. So it’s calm but not stagnant. The outcome depends on whether we react or respond.

The message of Temperance is balance, suggesting we to take a step back and wait for a bit. Not going to extremes and giving ourselves time to consider the situation and its options is the best choice at the moment. We need time to fully understand what our choices are, what’s involved and what the potential positive or negative results of our decisions might be. This is not the time to be in a hurry.

Have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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