Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Good morning everyone today the second ten I mentioned a couple days ago is joining our story. This one is the Ten of Wands. The first thing I thought of when it came up as I was pulling the cards for this week was, OK where and how are we overburdening ourselves? It might be time to set some boundaries.

As I said a few days ago the tens of the Tarot are bridge cards. They are an ending to something but at the same time offer the possibility for something new. When this guy comes to a reading there is a real possibility of being or feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, some of which may not even be ours to bear. We might have have so much going on right now that we are losing our perspective.

The answer to this situation is to decide what is most important and do that! The rest can be delegated or put on hold until the timing is better. If we’re carrying responsibility that is not ours to bear, give it back to the person it belongs to if that’s possible.

The best self care anyone can give themselves is to not over commit your time, energy or resources. Learn to say no, set boundaries and stick to them. The freedom gained is a wonderful new beginning.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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