Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning. The card from Jayne Wallace’s Crystal Power Tarot for the collective today is the Page of Pentacles. I like that the King came before our Page. His example to respond rather than react will help a good deal.

When a Page comes to a reading it brings the potential for good news and /or a new opportunity. Not a bad thing except that our Page, just like the others, can be impulsive. The excitement of a new opportunity can cause action before thought because of his ambition and determination to prove himself and be successful. Fortunately this is the Page of Pentacles so he won’t go too far off the rails.

This potential opportunity could come as an idea from the past coming out from the corners of our mind, it could be a new exciting idea, or perhaps a promotion. In whatever form it comes this opportunity will give us the ability to showcase our skills and abilities in ways we haven’t before. As excited as we might be about it, stay in control and think about it before making a decision.

Have a beautiful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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