Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Good morning everyone it’s Monday and the work week begins with the Queen of Pentacles. The Queens of the Tarot are all beautiful, amazing, intuitive ladies but I am kind of partial to this one. She is a great manager, a detail oriented thinker, practical, creative and very very supportive. If you go to her for advice you will gain valuable insight.

Looking at our Queen in relation to yesterday’s card we have a decision to make and might just need her words of wisdom as we move through our Tarot Story this week. Yes we could be in a comfortable place and content with life as we know it, but that voice whispering “What Next” can be intoxicating!

Is there something that was set aside weeks, months or years ago coming back to the surface? Maybe it is time to consider doing it! It wouldn’t hurt to have a conversation with a partner or someone trusted to weigh the options. Our Queen of Pentacles will not make the decision for us, ultimately it’s ours to make, but she will help us see all sides of the potential opportunity weighed against what we have to lose.  

What she will strongly encourage is to go for it whatever way we decide and she will have our back. If we choose to stay where we are, fine. But if the choice is made to take a step across the bridge to something new, be practical and don’t do anything without having a good solid plan in place.

Have a beautiful day
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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