Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning welcome to this week’s Weekly Tarot Story. I am using the Crystal Power Tarot created by Jayne Wallace and illustrated by Roberta Orpwood. It’s a very pretty deck. I love the imagery and the  crystal association with each card. I also like that each card has a phrase on the bottom giving insight to the cards meaning. For beginning readers it can help. I don’t think I’ve never mentioned the book that comes with the decks I own and use but this one is full color and gives well written explanations of
card meanings. This deck also has a good hand so it shuffles easily as well.

Before we get going I have to talk about how potentially big this week is going to be for
a couple different reasons. The first is because we are beginning a full super moon cycle which
will give us a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on Monday. Eclipses always bring up things that need to be dealt with but this one will have us face truths we may or may not be ready for; so buckle up!

The second reason this is a big week is because of the cards that came up for the collective. We have two tens, four Royal Arcana and one Major Arcana for our Weekly Tarot Story. When multiples come to a reading, whether its a numbered card, a face card or a major, it is like a flashing neon sign which reads “Pay Attention, Something Big is Happening” with four royals, a major and two bridge cards; things could get real interesting this week!!! So let’s take a look at what we could expect.

Our first card is the Ten of Cups. It’s a nice one to start out with. It tells us we’re happy, our personal and professional relations are good and we feel like we are in a good place at the moment. All is good with the world. 

That is a nice place to be, right? But keep in mind as the week progresses the tens of the tarot are bridge cards. They are a completion of something but also an invitation, a bridge, to the next thing, the  next goal in our lives. In the Waite Smith deck the Ten of Cups is also a stage card which may suggest we aren’t as content as we appear. Even though we are in a good place and happy, there may be something nudging us quietly asking what’s next. With the Full Moon Cycle beginning today it might be the perfect time to answer that question.

Have a fantastic day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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