Weekly Tarot Story – Saturday

Hey, we made it to Saturday and our final card for this weeks Tarot Story is North Node. This node looks to the future and asks us where we want to be and what to be doing next year, or further out maybe five or ten years?

Our week started out with Sagittarius encouraging us to think big. As we moved through the week we dealt with relationship issues, doubt and fear to bring us back to the beginning, looking toward the future.

Hopefully we have clarity about what we want and if not at least clarity about what we don’t. Knowing what we don’t want is a good place to start too. Think of that long term dream as a lighthouse shining bright just for you, guiding you through the mountains and valleys of life’s experiences to your goal.

Let’s be real. It will be hard and scary but if you hold you vision, work hard and don’t give up believing it will be a fabulous party in a couple years!

Have a good one, BJ

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