Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Hello we have the Asteroid Juno today. Honestly I didn’t know there was an Asteroid Juno that had an effect on our lives so this was interesting. I studied the book explanation of the card and did a little research on my own. Juno is about relationships and equality.

In mythology Juno was the wife of Zeus and not taken seriously as rightful Queen for a very long time. She suffered all types of problems, betrayals and humiliations before finally taking her rightful place as the loyal wife and Queen she was.

It’s just Monday but I believe I have a pretty good grasp of how she fits into our read. Everyone has the right to be taken seriously and treated the same as anyone else yet that doesn’t always happen does it? I believe our card is telling us if there is something we cant to do, or be, or try whether its in our personal or professional lives, hold your ground and do it.

It might take time and, like Juno, you might have to endure a lot of crap but hang in there and make it happen!

Have a good one, BJ

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