Black Moon Eclipse

This reality was designed to help us thrive. So why do so many of us struggle through our time here? Well, the simple and complex answer is we have forgotten how to live within the flow of life. We don’t recognize synchronicities or intuitive nudges when they come to us, we’re too busy. Technology has us expecting things to happen instantly, so anything the might take time or effort is often tossed aside as something we’ll think about later, maybe.

For those who want to live in the flow this month is a wonderful time to begin because today is a Black Moon and the beginning of this years eclipse season. What is so special about a Black Moon? A Blue Moon is when there is a second Full Moon in a month, a Black Moon is when there are two Dark/New Moons in one month. They are fairly rare as is having more than one in a year. We had a Dark /New Moon back on January 31 causing February to not have a Dark Moon.

So to answer the question from earlier, a Black Moon is a bonus opportunity the universe gives us to try again. That is exactly what the Dark/New Moons offer and each year we get a minimum of 12 chances to rethink our choices, our dreams and our plans then try again. How about that, life gives us do-overs! Today’s Black Moon is special though because it is also the first eclipse of the year and it’s in Taurus.

Dark Moons are a time to contemplate the changes we want to make in our lives and plant the seed for that change to grow. Looking back at our first Dark Moon this month on the first, it was in Aries which lit the fire of any change we want to happen. Now with the Black Moon Eclipse in very practical Taurus we have the power and determination to follow it through to harvest.

Eclipses always come in pairs. One being a lunar and the other a solar eclipse. They hold a lot of energy and create a door open to huge opportunity for change. The energetic door is open for six months which will bring us to the second round of eclipses beginning in October.

To get going and take advantage of this energetic door we need to ask a couple important questions and develop a plan. The first is “What is most important right now? If what we want to bring into our lives is not in alignment with our priorities, then we have some rethinking to do. If things are lining up, what steps are need to get started? We don’t need to know every step from beginning to end because realistically life is fluid we know adjustments are going to be required as we go! Always focus on what next not what if.

The second is how do we feel about going after this dream or goal? There will be push back and unfortunately its likely to be from friends and family. My Father used to say the people who tell you you can’t or won’t reach your goal are the ones who’ve already given up, so the last thing they want to see is someone succeed because it doesn’t align with their reality. That’s their reality not yours. Be strong, work hard and believe in yourself. Even if you are the only one who does!

As I write this I am feeling the energy of the eclipse in process. It’s not visible in the Northern Hemisphere but still has an effect on the whole planet. I know what I want to create for my future and am working on my plan. How about you!

Get into the flow
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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