Weekly Tarot Story – Friday

Good Morning Everyone! We made it to Friday and our card for the day speaks to us about transformation, and that is Spirit of Fire. Monday’s card, Spirit keeper of the West talked about the transformation that comes from Chaos.

Today’s shines a light on transformation which comes from being strong and taking risks. Staying in our comfort zone is so easy but a life of every day being the same as the one before doesn’t seem terribly exciting. This is where Spirit of Fire comes in.

Fire can do a couple of things. It can fill us with fear preventing us from doing anything, but it can also burn away the chaff of old habits and belief systems tying us to the past and stopping growth. With that is gone we are ready to stand up to our fears and try something new, change the way we think, start a new routine and reach for the horizon!  

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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