Chakra and Angel Friday – Soul Star

Good morning everyone it’s Chakra and Angel Friday. This is a Chakra week. We are taking a look at the Soul Star Chakra. From this point we have moved away from the physical Chakras to the Trans-personal Chakras located above the head in our energetic bodies.

Many people are unaware that Chakras exist above or below those associated with the physical body. Occasionally someone accidentally accesses the Soul Star and are amazed. With patience and practice, access can happen anytime you want. The benefits are many.

The Soul Star is located between six and 12 inches above the head and connects us to our higher selves, our past lives, past karma, and the Akashic Records. This Chakra holds the experiences of all past lifetimes, good, bad or otherwise. Even the memory of why we came to this lifetime is here in the Soul Star.

When I am researching, I like to find out what colors are associated with the chakra. Depending on the source I often find one doesn’t agree with another. For this chakra that is the case. One said white and gold while others said various combinations including magenta, silver and platinum.

As I mentioned earlier there is a lot of benefit to working with is and the higher chakras. To access the Soul Star and any of the higher Chakras we have to move through the veil separating us from it.

The veil is placed at birth and is there on purpose to prevent us from spending all our time focusing on the past. Our job is to be present in this lifetime, to learn, grow and if it’s time ascend. Working with the Soul Star gives you information about who you’ve been in the past and the lessons those lifetimes taught you, the skills you gained that may help you this time around and any karma paid or newly acquired.

I have mentioned a couple times already that learning to open and work with the Soul Star Chakra has a positive impact on our lives, and it does, but it goes beyond see our past selves and who we used to be. Working with the higher vibrations often activates psychic ability and help us understand our purpose for coming to this lifetime.

The Soul Star brings in universal light and sends it down into our body, mind and spirit. This raises our vibration, opens our awareness that we are so much more than we think. It helps us connect with our guides and angels, our spirituality is opened and we begin asking important questions. In time we become more of who we really are and less concerned with this earthly existence because it’s not permanent. This isn’t home.

The best way to open the Soul Star is regular meditation. Chances are the opening won’t happen quickly but stick with it. One caveat I must mention is to be prepared. Once you are able to open and gain entrance the information you will access about yourself can be shocking and overwhelming but also a powerful help to this lifetime. If you are not sure your ready, wait because there is no rush.

Some crystals you may want to use while meditating and working with the Soul Star are Apophyllite, Indigo Kyanite, Moldavite, Herkimer Diamond, Danburite and White Selenite.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the Soul Star Chakra, and that it helped you understand what it does and how it helps us. Keep in mind as I discuss each chakra and the physical or emotional symptoms when they’re unbalanced or blocked; those symptoms should not be ignored. If severe seek the medical practitioner of your choice as you work to clear and balance your chakra. Have a great week and come back for the next post where I will be talking about Archangel Azrael.

Until Next Time,
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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