Crystal Thursday – Optical Calcite

Good morning, welcome to Crystal Thursday! The original post for today’s discussion was back on February 9, 2018. Our topic is an interesting form of Calcite called Optical Calcite. It’s interesting to me because of two things; one is that it’s clear and the other is the cool parallelogram shape you find them in. With more research done let’s discover what Optical Calcite has to offer those who work with it; but first a little background.

Calcite is one of the most common minerals on earth. This form is special because it is highly transparent. When polished it honestly looks like an ice cube. It was first discovered in the Helgustaoir Quarry near Reyoarf Iceland, which is why its alternate name is Iceland Spar but can also be found in other places around the world like Mexico, Brazil, Germany, US, the Czech Republic and China.

You know I like to find out when a crystal or mineral was first discovered, but it was difficult trying to pin down a date and a name to verify a first discovery. In my research one name kept coming up, Rasmus Bartholin, a Danish Doctor, Mathematician and Physicist. In 1669 he began studying this crystals double refraction quality. This tells us that in the 17th century Optical Calcite was a known crystal. There are stories told about Norse sailors and Vikings between the 8th and 11th century being able to accurately navigate the oceans even on cloudy days. They apparently used something they called a “Sunstone” to find the sun and get to where they were going. That crystal is Optical Calcite.

Another interesting fact about is that during WW2 Optical Calcite was used for the sighting of the big Norden Bombsite equipment. It is a very soft crystal. On the Mohs Scale it’s a three so for jewelry it’s really not practical; but it does have ornamental and industrial uses. Back in the day it had been used for decorative tile and statuary as Optical Calcite can be found in a range of colors like pink, green, yellow and lavender. There was a choice as to what you wanted to work with. It is also used in making fertilizer and cement.

Now let’s take a look at the fun stuff and talk about the metaphysical uses for Optical Calcite. If I had to give one word to describe what I feel is its most helpful attribute I would say clarity. This high energy crystal helps you see things from a different, less emotional perspective. With this new level of clarity you can see beyond the issue or the mistake to find a solution.

Other qualities are:

  • Resonates well with the Crown and Soul Star Chakra.
  • It helps clear attachments.
  • When placed in a room it will clear stagnant energy.
  • It is an energy amplifier.
  • Helps increase focus.
  • Helps clear fear-based emotions.
  • It is said to increase memory.
  • It strengthens your ability to be discerning.
  • Helps balance calcium in the body.
  • Helps your body absorb vitamins and minerals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Optical Calcite. If the qualities of this stone resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing healing qualities of this stone or any crystal or mineral is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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