Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning an important part of letting go and moving toward any goal or desired future we may have is taking the time to heal; and this is the message of today’s card, Medicine Woman/Medicine Man.

When this card comes to a read it’s to let us know something is in the process of being healed. It could be a disappointing situation at work or within a personal relationship or something in ourselves we’ve been working on. Whatever the pain is coming from healing this situation is important if we want to move forward in any direction. Sunday’s card encouraged us to dream of our future and Monday’s let us know we had to let go of the old if we wanted change and grow.

Taking time for healing is the best but not necessarily the easiest way. It takes time, courage and honesty. Healing can be painful, especially if we’re dealing with long buried and ignored emotions, but it is still the healthiest thing we can do for ourselves, our relationships and our futures.

Have a lovely day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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