Weekly Tarot Story – Monday

Hey good morning it’s Monday and our card for the collective is the Tower. When it comes to a reading some kind of sudden, unexpected change is likely to happen. First thing, breathe! It doesn’t mean it will be bad. There are no bad cards but the tarot has a few that give us a heads up and the Tower is one of them. Yesterday’s card let us know things were looking good and we had reason to be confident. Don’t worry we still can be confident because whatever good, wonderful thing we’re hoping for is coming needs room and that means what no longer serves has to go.

Now that we have a heads up, what could the change be? Anything! An attitude change, a change in beliefs, a truth we didn’t know could be revealed, a relationship could begin or end or it could be something at work like a project ending, a promotion. There’s no guarantee it will be easy but at least we got a heads up.

Have a good one, BJ

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