Crystal thursday – Sodalite

Hello everyone, thank you for coming back to join in another Crystal Thursday. This week we’re talking about the beautiful Blue to Blue Violet mineral, Sodalite. My original post was back on December 21 of 2017. This mineral is sometimes confused with Lapis Lazuli. While Lapis does contain some white, Sodalite doesn’t contain pyrite inclusions but can occasionally have purple, orange or yellow inclusions.

Some sources consider it rare because gem quality Sodalite is not as common a find as other minerals and crystals. It has been used for jewelry and as an ornamental /architectural stone since its discovery between 1806 and 1811 in Greenland; it became more widely used after 1891 when a large deposit was discovered in Canada. Some other locations where Sodalite has been found are Namibia, Russia, Brazil and here in the United States. The Mohs scale of hardness has it a nice 5.5 – 6 and Sodalite resonates with the Throat and Third Eye Chakra.

Sodalite is a great stone to work with for spiritual and communication reasons. It helps align our physical and spiritual selves so we can live as our truest selves. Let’s look at some of the other metaphysical qualities it offers.

  • It helps improve focus and find clarity about issues going on in our lives.
  • It helps clear negativity and improves confidence.
  • Helps improve communication.
  • Encourages speaking your truth.
  • Helps balance your emotions.
  • Helps open and strengthen psychic ability.
  • Helps connect you to your intuition.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Sodalite. If the qualities of this stone resonate with you I encourage you to purchase a piece and work with it. Keep in mind I am not a doctor and sharing healing qualities of this stone or any crystal or mineral is in no way giving medical advice. Working with it can help but if you are ill see your medical practitioner of choice.

Until Next Time…
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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