Weekly Tarot Story – Wednesday

Hello! Here we are midweek already. The card for the collective is Love Matters.

Love is the most important thing there is, we know that. We love our families, our friends, our pets and maybe even our jobs; but along with all of that love we have the curve balls, the boulders and all kinds of frustration to beat us down. We get so wrapped up in everyone else’s happiness that we forget our own.

When we say Love Matters that means we need to love ourselves first! We need to love ourselves enough to set boundaries and say no when we mean no, to walk away if we have to, to love who we are imperfections and all, and to take some me time when it’s needed because that’s not being selfish. Everybody deserves love including us, when we do it opens the door to new and wonderful things so let it flow.

Have a blessed day, Terry

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