Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Haniel

Good morning everyone. It is Chakra and Angel Friday and we are going to take a look at Archangel Haniel, so let’s get going J

Haniel presents as female more than male and is the Angel of Joy. Her name means Grace of God although I found sources that say both Glory and Joy as well. I found quite a few alternate spellings for Haniel. Rather than list them all I will share just a few. They are Hannanel, Anel, Hannael, Aniel and Omoel.

She is said to be from the choir of the Virtues and is graceful, understanding, thoughtful and charming when working with her. She is acknowledged in some Christian traditions as well as in the Kabbalah of the Jewish tradition. Haniel is the keeper of the 7th Sephirot which is Netzach (Eternity) on the tree of life.

Along with multiple name meanings for Haniel I found multiple color associations for her as well. The first is Blue and Green, Silver and Blue and finally Turquoise and Silver. She is said to work with the moon and crystals. Some associated with her are Angelite, Moonstone, Chrysoprase and Selenite.

Like all Archangels Haniel will come and assist you when asked. Being the angel of joy she will gladly help you find joy, grace, beauty and harmony in your life when we are struggling to find anything to be joyful about. In doing this she helps us overcome problems we thought couldn’t be solved. A change in our attitude makes all the difference. She helps us realize that everything we need is already here inside us, we simply have to access it.

Some of the other things Haniel will help with are:

  • She will give wisdom and knowledge to those who ask.
  • She will grant honest wishes from the heart.
  • She will help develop psychic and intuitive gifts.
  • She helps you trust in the Divine.
  • She will help you find new and creative ideas.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Archangel Haniel, and that it helps you understand how this Archangel can help to enrich your life. Have a great weekend and come back for the next post where I will be talking about the Soul Star Chakra. 

Until Next Time,
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon             

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