Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good morning everyone; it’s the first full week of April, do you believe we’re four months into the year already? How is it going so far? Is everyone on track with their goals or do some adjustments need to be made? Don’t worry though there’s still plenty of year left to do what you need to and get back on track to reach your goal.

The deck I am using for the Weekly Tarot Story was created by one of my favorite indie creators, M.J. Cullinane. Like all her work this deck, Forhaxa Tarot, is stunning and has fantastic energy. The deck has what I call a good hand. For me this means it’s not too big or too small and can be easily shuffled. The cards are a bit slippery but not to the point of being a real bother when being shuffled.

Let’s take a look at what the cards have for us this week. It’s going to be interesting because our week is beginning and ending with Major Arcana cards. As a matter of fact we have three Major and two Royal Arcana cards in our story. Telling us it’s going to be a week with life changing potential.

Our story begins with Justice. Traditionally this card can mean an important decision being made in our favor and while that’s awesome for those waiting for good news, it is also a card of clarity, truth and accountability. It encourages us to be clear about our goals and objectives. Are we exchanging the potential for long term success for temporary short term gratification?

Whether what we’re facing is personal or professional is it what we really want? If it is are we ignoring the potential for long term success or happiness for temporary short term gratification? This is a week for considering our choices. The decisions we make could have a negative long term consequences if we’re not careful and we are the only ones who will be responsible for that outcome.

Have a wonderful day
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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