Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Hello everyone BJ here for this week’s Weekly Tarot Story.  The deck I am using is the Cats Oralce by Barbara Moore and Marco Turini. It’s a pretty cool deck if you like cats, and I do J each card features a different breed and gives you a little information about the cat before explaining the significance and its meaning.  This week looks as if we’re going to be focusing on self care. Let’s take a look at what the week has to offer.

The card starting off our story is the Gorgeous and Annoyed Havana Brown. Is something or someone bugging us or are we just in a mood? It happens, people push our buttons, a situation doesn’t go as planned and that makes us angry, and sometimes we wake up in the morning less than cheery. The message of today’s card points to communication but if we’re not ready to talk it out at least let people know you want to be left alone. That’s a whole lot better than getting into a fight. When you’re ready a conversation can be had.

Have a good one! BJ 

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