Chakra and Angel Friday – The Third Eye

Good morning, welcome to Chakra and Angel Friday. It’s a Chakra week and we have worked our way up to the Third Eye. It’s located between and just above our eye brows shining a lovely indigo blue. The Third Eye is the center for our ability to think clearly, and focus. It helps us understand our reality based on our beliefs and whether good, bad or indifferent, how we choose to see the world. The Third Eye is also the center for our intuition, perspective and psychic ability.

There are several symptoms that can help indicate when our Third Eye is blocked or out of balance. For example you might have headaches, eye strain and blurred vision or experience dizziness. Other things we might have are clarity issues. You might have problems concentrating, feel like you’re in a mental fog or have trouble with confusion.

Emotionally having a blocked or out of balance Third Eye can lead to self doubt, worry, over thinking things and looking to other people for validation. When blocked or out of balance spiritually you might lose confidence in your ability to fulfill what you feel is your life purpose. You might be too rooted in this reality to imagine there is something more out there to experience or you may not recognize your intuitive nudges and guidance when you have them.

As with all the other chakra posts, meditation is a fantastic choice for clearing and balancing the Third Eye. There are other options, though like getting moving. Get out in nature it’s a great way to connect. Using visualization techniques to help clear your Third Eye can help. For example sit quietly and imagine a beautiful light entering your Third Eye, sweeping it clean and leaving it sparkling brightly. A final idea for today is to practice being open minded to the possibility that there is more out there. Pay attention to moments of synchronicity, a song on the radio that speaks to you, your dreams or repeating numbers. You can live a more intuitive life; all it takes is practice!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at the Third Eye, and that it helped you understand what it does and how it helps us. Keep in mind as I discuss each chakra and the physical or emotional symptoms when they’re unbalanced or blocked; those symptoms should not be ignored. If severe seek the medical practitioner of your choice as you work to clear and balance your chakra. Have a great week and come back for the next post where I will be talking about Archangel Jophiel.

Until Next Time,
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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