Weekly Tarot Story – Tuesday

Good morning, how is everyone doing this morning? The last couple of days may have been a bit much; dealing with potential betrayal and deception over the last couple of days leaving us feeling as if we’ve hit our limit. Our card Nine of Wands is here to tell us to hang in there.

The image on the card is a little grim but one most people can relate to feeling battered by life and all we want to do is quit.

We don’t though do we because as beat up as we might feel today, those wands behind our man on the card represent two things for us. One is battles hard fought that we’ve won. The other is that most of those battles brought us growth of some kind, look at the leaves sprouting on them.  

Yes we might be tired but if we stay strong, but if we keep a clear head and keep working we’ll get through this battle too.

Have a beautiful day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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