Weekly Tarot Story – Ten of Swords

Good morning everyone we are at the beginning of another Weekly Tarot Story today using a beautiful version of the Waite Smith style deck called Golden Art Nouveau by Giulia F. Massaglia. For those who love this time period it’s an absolutely gorgeous deck with lovely detail. The deck has a great energy, a good hand and is easy to shuffle. I love it!

The card beginning our Tarot Story is the Ten of Swords indicating we may be starting out the week facing some kind of painful ending. Our card is in the realm of swords so we’re dealing with mental and emotional pain. Feelings of betrayal or failure could be weighing on us as a result of unrealistic expectations or trusting the wrong person.

As an ending, whatever it is probably isn’t coming back to us. It’s done and we’ll have to deal with that. All is not lost though because the tens in the tarot are bridge cards that take us from and ending to a beginning. We might have what appears to be a major situation in front of us but the sun is rising. Maybe all we need is to shine a little light on things and get a new perspective. Chances are we’ll see some opportunities we didn’t expect.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon   

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