Weekly Tarot Story – Thursday

Hello everyone, today’s card, Bitch-Fire, tells us we’ve been trying hard to keep it together and moving forward while still being nice, but we may have to stand up and speak some hard truth today, we might be dealing with and issue that is the last straw. Keeping silent is generally the better choice. But speaking up shines a light on the real person causing the problem. No one want to lower themselves to the level of a bully being rude and unkind. Remember speaking your truth can be done from a place of love.

There is a time and place when we have no choice but to stand up and speak out, do it! Today might be that day, if so don’t be afraid to speak your peace. Get loud if you have to, speak your truth. Let them see your power and don’t let them forget you are not one to mess with.

Have a good one, BJ

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