Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Hey everyone, I’m BJ and I’ll be your guest reader for this week’s Tarot Story. I am using a fun oracle deck created by Amanda Lovelace called Believe in your own magic. The artwork was done by Janaina Mederias and it’s a fun insightful deck.

The card starting off our week is Evil Queen and she is here to let us know someone may be going out of their way to hurt us or make us look bad this week. Chances are they won’t succeed but the attempt still hurts and we’ll probably forgive them again. How many times is that now?

Evil Queen tells us we deserve better. The reality is anyone who say’s they care about us but continues to hurt and disappoint us doesn’t deserve second, third or fourth chances. If they truly cared about us there would not have been a second time much less a third or fourth! Our message is maybe it’s time to forgive, cut the ties and show them the door.  It might hurt for a while but we’re also better off without the pain and heartache they bring.

Have a good one, BJ

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