Chakra and Angel Friday – Archangel Raguel

Good morning welcome to Chakra and Angel Friday. This is an angel day and Archangel Raguel is our subject. Raquel’s name means Friend of God and is the angel of Justice and Harmony. Archangel Raguel presents as male. When working with him he comes off very friendly but in a logical, unbiased way to bring realistic solutions to problems. When being depicted in art he is generally seen as wearing pale blue and white, and as the angel of justice, carrying a judge’s gavel or scepter.

He is one of the Seven Angels of Presence and holds a special job in that he oversees the Angelic realm to ensure everyone is working well together and the Divine’s will is being carried out. The faith traditions that recognize Archangel Raguel are the Jewish and some of the Christian traditions. Like other Archangels there are a few alternate spellings for this angel such as Raguil, Rufael, and Akrasiel.

When I was researching which Choir he was from I found that two were mentioned. A few sites said he was from the Thrones and a couple others said he was from the Principalities which makes more sense. Principalities are charged with overseeing nations, groups and people here on Earth. It’s not a huge leap to be doing the same in the angelic realm.

Some of the other duties Archangel Raguel carries out are:

  • Being the angel of justice he turns on his diplomacy skills and helps resolve conflicts between people, groups or nations.
  • He helps people who feel manipulated or disempowered.
  • He works to correct social disorder.
  • He helps people with legal issues.
  • He brings harmony to tense situations so people can come to a place of cooperation.
  • He is charged with carrying out Gods will against those who rebel against his will.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Archangel Raguel, and that it helps you understand how the Archangel’s help to enrich our lives. Have a great week and come back for the next Chakra and Angel post where I will be talking about the Throat Chakra. 

Until Next Time,
Blessed Be ❤ Sharon             

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