Chakra and Angel Friday

Good morning, it’s Friday and we’re here with a new edition of Chakra and Angel Friday. We have Angels today and we’re taking a look at Archangel Raphael.

His name means God Heals or The Shining One who Heals. Raphael is the angel of healing. We know angels are genderless but Raphael presents as both Female and Male, so your experience could be as either. She is considered to be very kind, loving, comforting and always compassionate but also with a great sense of humor.

Raphael is considered to be from the choir of Seraphim and have influence over Wednesday. In the Kabbalah she is guardian of the sixth Sephirot, Tipareth (Beauty) and the eighth Hod (Glory). In addition to the Jewish tradition Raphael is also recognized in Islam and some Christian traditions.

Emerald Green is the color generally associated with her. In another source the colors blue and yellow were also mentioned. Interesting the combined we have green! From my research she seems to really like Iris’s so spring is her season. The crystals associated with Raphael are Emeralds, Malachite, Citrine and Aventurine.

Archangel Raphael is one of the seven known as the Angels of Presence. I mentioned previously that the Angels of Presence are chosen by the Godhead to be in his presence and do his will. It is also said that they were created on the first day to participate with him in sanctifying the Sabbath.

Being the Archangel of healing Raphael’s focus is not on physical healing only. All healing is within her scope; body, mind, spirit, emotion, relationships, animals and the Earth! Along with healing she is also thought to be the angel of science and knowledge as both can be incorporated into the healing process and she is more than happy to guide you to knowledge you need to assist your healing.

A couple interesting areas I found in my research is that Raphael will assist in healing past life related medical issues. If called on she will help with healing addiction problems as well as calming cravings. Are you trying to quit smoking or want to lose a few pounds? Call on Raphael for help. She will help manage pain but if the issue is not written into your life plan why not heal it instead of manage it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look at Archangel Raphael, and that it helped you understand how this amazing Archangel can help in our everyday lives. Have a great week and come back for the next Chakra and Angel Friday post where I will be talking about the Solar Plexus Chakra.

Have a fabulous day!
Blessed Be ❤  Sharon

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