Introducing The Chakras

Over the years I’ve talked about the chakras in live classes and various articles like my Tarot and Crystal posts but I don’t think I’ve written specifically about the Chakra System and what it does for us.   

Chakras are the body’s energy system. Within this system there is a combination of major and minor chakras, 114 in total, placed along our meridians. They act like gateways to keep our energy flowing smoothly. When everything is clear and flowing well we are healthy, happy and life is good. When blocked we get ill and things don’t go so smoothly anymore.

As I said there are 114 Chakras placed at various points around the body. In Sanskrit the word Chakra translates to “Wheel”. I imagine them as little fans moving energy along. This makes sense; the chakras are about moving energy. I won’t be talking about each of the 114 chakras in this series; instead I’ll talk about the central line group from the Heart of Mother Earth Chakra below the Root to the Great Central Sun above the Crown Chakra. I may throw in some information about the Aura as well because these two systems work hand in hand.

This will be all for now. Come back to our next Chakra post which will be all about the Heart of Mother Earth Chakra. Have a fabulous day!

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon 

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