Weekly Tarot Story – Sunday

Good Morning! My name is Terry and I am this week’s guest reader. I am using Oracle of the 7 Energies by Collette Baron-Reid. It’s an unusual deck I’ve never seen one like this, it has amazing detail and explodes with color. 

The Land Between is our first card for this Weeks Tarot Story. It’s telling us we’re in a place of waiting and waiting is not always a happy or comfortable place to be. Something big is coming into our lives but it’s not here yet; so we wait.

Do you feel the energy of change coming? While we’re anticipating what’s coming we have work to do that will help us be more prepared when our change arrives. Facing up to the messy parts of our lives and cleaning them up will make a big difference. Like looking back at where we’ve been and letting go of what doesn’t serve our highest good, the thoughts, beliefs and maybe even people that don’t support the person we want to be need to go. We can look forward to where we want to be and face our fear of the unknown, and we can look at where we are, learn to be patient and embrace this moment with gratitude for the lessons learned.

Have a nice day.
Be Blessed, Terry

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