The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning everyone. Today’s affirmation, I Intuitively Know What My Body Needs to Thrive, asks us to pay close attention to what we need. We live in a fast paced world. Often times we’re so busy we barely have time to think or recognize we’re not giving ourselves the proper care and attention we need to be at our best.

How often have you been tired but couldn’t rest because there was so much to be done, hungry but too busy to cook so a trip through a fast food joint is dinner, or so emotionally spent that focusing and sleeping is difficult?

Our bodies know exactly what they need to be balanced in body, mind and spirit and It communicates these needs to us, we just have to slow down enough to pay attention. If we are going to thrive, to be our best and reach our goals, we need to listen to those intuitive signals and honor them. An empty well will never quench our thirst, or anyone else’s.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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