The Weekly Tarot Story

Good morning, another glorious Spring day is beginning and we have an equally glorious Good Things Are Always Happening To Me as our affirmation card of the day.

Wayne Dyer and Norman Vincent Peale both spoke on the subject of thoughts and how they can change our lives. It’s absolutely true; as our thoughts become higher, lighter and more positive, our lives do as well.

Today’s affirmation is wonderful. The way it’s worded couldn’t be better. It doesn’t say good things are happening to me, it says good things are Always happening to me. I love that emphasis! Always tells us we are taken care of. It tells us good things happen all the time, every day, repeatedly, forever and without fail. It means we can count on it, good things are Always Happening.

Now life can be funny. We know that well don’t we? Sometimes that Always comes to us disguised as something not so great but with hindsight and perspective we see it really was a good thing. Being passed over for a promotion then being offered a much better position with higher pay. Finding $20. in the pocket of a coat you haven’t worn in forever, running late to work or an event only to discover if you had been on time you would have likely been in a car wreck.

No matter what challenging things are going on in our lives today and this week, keep an open mind, get some perspective and keep repeating Good things are Always Happening to me!

Have a fabulous day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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