The Weekly Tarot Story


Good morning everyone. It is Friday March 26, 2021 and our card for the day, Temperance, is guiding us to take some time to regain our focus and balance.

It may not be a bad week perse, just hectic and perhaps a bit challenging. For may of us things might have become more complicated when yesterday’s card, the Page of Pentacles came into the picture. He didn’t bring us anything negative. In fact he came to help. The issue is that we began our week with what we thought was a clear goal with a plan; now we have other potential ideas to consider.

And this is why we need Temperance today. This lovely lady is about balance and blending together ideas and beliefs in order to find what works for us. To reject out of hand any ideas the Page of Pentacle may have brought our way could potentially be a big mistake. So consider them and the original plan carefully. There may just be a brilliant mix of ideas waiting to be discovered!

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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