The Weekly Tarot Story

Page of Pentacles

Good morning everyone. Our week has been going by well so far but even though today’s card, The Page of Pentacles, is a positive one, it may be a cause for some potential stress.

The week began with a new beginning by way of the Ace of Cups. We’ve been working to plan and and implement this new idea, project or whatever it might be all week. Now we have the Page of Pentacles bringing in another new beginning!? Oh my do we need a scorecard?

Although it may be a bit chaotic at first, our Page is here to help. In the Tarot, the Page of Pentacles can bring a new opportunity to grow wealth, improve health, a new job or a promotion. Perhaps even a move of home. Whatever it is the opportunity is generally a good thing. Being the realm of earth practicality and work are going to be involved.

I mentioned our Page was here to help and he is. He may bring us ideas to help move our idea along. It may be the solution to a problem, a mentor to guide us, perhaps even a fresh idea or perspective from out of nowhere. The answer we’re looking for could come an unlikely source so pay attention.

Have a great day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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