The Weekly Tarot Story

Ace of Cups

I was going to say Good Morning but it isn’t morning anymore, so Good Day! It is Sunday March 21, 2021 and I am using the Crystal Power Tarot by Jayne Wallace and Illustrator Roberta Orpwood this week.

The card we begin this Weeks Tarot Story is the Ace of Cups. We know the Aces of the deck bring us a potential new beginning within its realm. Cups are the realm of emotion and intuition. Last week we were guided to follow our hearts and it appears we are still and it’s not a bad thing!

For the collective, the Ace of Cups may be the first bits of an idea for a project that would be dear to our hearts. It could be a new job that is perfect for us, a new relationship or an existing one taking the next step.Whatever it is there will be an emotional connection for us and work necessary to grow this new venture into reality. If we pay attention to our intuition it can lead us in the direction we should go.

Have a fantastic week everyone! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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