The Weekly Tarot Story

The Tomahawk
Separation, Loss, Conflict

Hello everyone, I hope your doing well. The card that came up today is The Tomahawk. This item is something designed for cutting and separating things for either peaceful or not peaceful reasons. I find the synchronicity of this card coming to us after two days of what may have been difficult situations quite interesting.

The message our card has for us is it may be time to make a quick, clean cut from a situation. This is not a decision to make without considerable thought but one that might have to be made. We want to be sure we’re not losing something worth hanging onto because there may be no coming back. Have we done everything in our power to make the situation work? If we have and the only option left is to walk away from an idea, a project or a relationship, make sure it’s for the right reasons.

Have a good one, BJ

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