I originally wrote this article in 2016. With Ostara just a few days away, I thought I would polish it up a bit and send it along in preparation the Equinox.

Prior to Christianity people’s lives were built around times of celebration for the God and Goddess of their culture. These were done with Sabbats and Esbats.

Ostara is the second of three Spring Sabbats and is a celebration of life, renewal, fertility and balance usually on or around the Spring Equinox of March 21. A celebration of renewal because life and the balance between the cold of winter and the heat of summer has returned. This year’s Equinox is Saturday March 20th. Winters night and Springs day will be in union before Spring gives way to more light, warmth and life. The God and Goddess begin their courtship anew.

Ancient Ostara celebrations were big joyful events with bonfires, feasting and rituals thanking the Goddess for her return and for bringing spring and balance back to the world. The remaining winter food stores were brought out, prepared and shared freely among the community. Imagine the scene:

The weather is warming, and as it does snow and ice are giving way to the first signs of spring. Slowly, as the days become warmer families of the tribe or clan gather at the ceremonial grounds and happily greet each other. They share stories about the events of the winter. Food is gathered, and prepared. Then as the sun sets the bonfire is lit and the celebration for the return of the Goddess and spring begins!

Ancient cultures didn’t deny the divine. Divinity was incorporated into every aspect of life, in their connection to the earth and nature.

There are still cultures and groups who celebrate in a similar ways to our ancestors, but there are also many that celebrate in smaller more personal ways. Still thanking the God and Goddess for the return of spring, but differently.

In ancient times clearing winters debris by hand from the fields was an important task before crops could be planted. Today we can ask ourselves what debris can we clear from our lives that will bring us back into balance and ready for the seeds of our future to be planted and grown to fruition.

Rituals can be done to banish the old and no longer useful aspects from our lives or to enhance qualities in ourselves we would like to be stronger. For those that aren’t comfortable with ritual meditation is always a good way to identify what we no longer need in our lives and what we would like to bring in during this season of renewal.

Another way to celebrate is to plant a kitchen garden to bring some fresh color to your home. Ostara colors are light green, yellow and pink. Perhaps you can buy spring flowers and place them around your home or spend some time outdoors getting your planting beds ready. These are all celebrations of the return of life.

However you spend your day, enjoy the Equinox and celebrate life.

Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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