The Weekly Tarot Story

Let Go

Good morning! It’s Thursday, the week is beginning to wind down but we still have work to do. The Tarots ability to deliver a message never ceases to amaze me. Even in a situation, like this, where the read is for a large group of people. The message that needs to be told, will be.Of course each days guidance may resonate with some more than others and perhaps, for a few it won’t resonate at all.

In any case the card that came up for the collective today hints that we might be having trouble in the area of releasing. Yesterday’s card encouraged forgiveness in order to free ourselves from the past. Taking a look at today’s card, Let Go, begs the question, Let Go Of What?

We may be hanging onto any number of things. It could be we’re struggling with forgiving ourselves or someone else. Are we hanging onto an situation, an idea, stress, the past, or are we clinging to a relationship that is over? It’s understandable, humans are emotional creatures and sometimes we would rather hang onto something we know is no longer good for us simply because it is where we are comfortable. Happy may not be the issue when we’re dealing with our comfort zone.

The message our card has for us is, don’t hang on for dear life to something we need to let go of. Moving into uncharted water is scary. There is healing that will likely need to happen and that won’t be comfortable but to be free of old ties holding us down and holding us back is so much better than living a life empty of what we’re passionate about.

Have a wonderful day! Blessed Be ❤ Sharon

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